In-Room Hotel Pet Services

$35.00 per Hour

If you are visiting Dallas for business or pleasure, and want to bring your fur baby with you, The Pet Divas can help. This hourly rate includes, pet taxi, doggie park "dates", grooming appointments, or just hanging out at the hotel until you arrive back. Includes multiple potty breaks, walks, fresh water, belly rubs, lots of love and affection.

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We also offer daily In-Room Daily Dog Walking packages at a discounted rate. Ask for details.

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The Pet Divas work with 5 star hotels in the Dallas, TX area. Ask your concierge for more information or contact us at thepetdivas@gmail.com.

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Diva Dog Walking Benefits

Mind, Body, Spirit


A daily dog walk provides your dog with exercise and, of course, a potty break. But there is another reason why a daily dog walk is so important, ancestral instincts. Dogs need to walk. Call The Pet Divas today and let us help fulfill your dogs natural intinct.

The Pet Divas can help! Running in the backyard or a trip to the dog park is great exercise, but it is not a substitute for walking. They just do not offer the same mental stimulation your dog gets by investigating the smells, sights, and sounds they encounter on a walk. As a dog walks, they are releasing mental energy by processing information about how their territory has changed since their last walk.
Every dog breed requires a walk, even the most tiny, pocket-sized dogs. Just because they fit into a purse does not mean they need be carried everywhere. The length of the walk should be targeted to the age, size and energy of your dog. All dogs need to be taken for daily walks. Call The Pet Divas and Book Now!

Custom Walk Routines

GPS Walk Tracking

Trusted and Dependable

The Pet Divas want you to know we are doing our job. Now with our GPS Dog Walk Tracking feature you can do just that! Our client portal is GPS enabled allowing you to track check-in/check-out times and you can even see step by step the route taken on any given walk. Additionally, you will also recieve a walk summary with photos!
Our dog walkers are all pet lovers first so they treat your pet like one of their own. All of The Pet Divas have gone through an extensive interview process with background checks and is insured and bonded. You can count on us to be there rain or shine!
The Pet Divas will personally design a walk routine suitable for your dogs. More energetic dogs will go on an invigorating walk and afterwards, be well exercised and tired. Your dog will most likely want to sleep until you return home from work! We will walk 95% of the visit and the remaining time will be spent watering and giving your dog belly rubs and hugs for a job well done! For older pups, a leisurely stroll around the block is sufficient so they can potty and stretch their legs. We’ll always take the weather and the hot pavement into consideration.