1. Missy-Owner and Head Diva
    Hi! My name is Missy and I'm the owner of The Pet Divas. I wasn't happy in the corporate world. I knew there was something else I was supposed to be doing, that would make me truly happy. I have worked in dog rescue for more than 20 years. I asked my husband if we should start a pet sitting service, in our big old town, and he said yes. The Pet Divas was born. I really do love spending my days with fur babies. I think you will trust the loving environment we provide for your pets. I am honored to care for your pets, just like I take care of my own, because I truly just love animals!!
  2. Amanda - General Manager
    Amanda joined us full time in the summer of 2018 and we have never looked back. She is funny, gregarious, dedicated, loving and most of all, experienced. She is the on time machine so the pups know she will be there when she says she is going to be there! Amanda is also the Vice President for Bull luv able Paws (our sister non-profit dog rescue) so she really just knows her stuff. Amanda lives in Garland with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs Aliyah and Mosa, her 2 fat kitties and one foster puppy named Basil. To know her is to love her so if your pup has some extra pep in his step from her visit, now you know why!
  3. Becky
    This is our girl, Becky. She is our weekend goddess, our night time diva delux, our doggie jogging momma! If you have a pup you want trained for your upcoming marathon, Becky is your girl! Not only is she athletic, she loves your pets. Her heart is really in the right place, working here. Every step she takes is for the pets. Becky has been an outstanding Diva since 2016. Her love for animals is endless and her care is impeccable. She is also one of our new hire trainers and comes to The Pet Divas with years of experience.
  4. Ryan The Pet Dude
    This amazing pet guy is our one and only Ryan, The Pet Divas Pet Dude. He handles Plano, Allen and Fairview and every now and then, you will get to see him in Dallas as well. We just love him that much. Ryan has worked for The Pet Divas for over a year and really enjoys it. He has been involved in dog rescue in one capacity or the other for many years and comes to us with a vast knowledge of all things dog. Ryan lives in Allen, Tx and has 5 puppers of his own.
  5. Baylen
    Baylen Williams is our full time overnight sitter and LOVES his job. Baylen was born and raised in Texas. Grew up on a farm outside of Dallas with different animals from chickens to horses...and dogs, many many dogs over the course of his childhood. Little, big, easy going, or silly, he's handled just about any type of dog there is. Baylen is a patient, calm and laid back person, and our clients pets take to him right away. He has an ease about him that they just love. He takes things as they come and always does his best with any given task. Dallas grown and an animal lover at heart, our clients pets will always be his true passion in this world. We can't wait for you to meet our Baylen. He is a dream!
  6. Veronica
    Welcome our newest animal loving pet sitter, Veronica. She has been a personal assistant for many years and takes the needs of her clients very seriously. She is always there to get the job done and will make a wonderful addition to our pet loving family. Although Veronica has never been a dog walker and pet sitter before, her love for animals is the reason we brought her on board. You can trust Veronica with your pets and will love our newest Pet Diva! Veronica services the Dallas urban/East Dallas area and lives in Addison with her best friend and Chihuahua, Roxy
  7. Jeff
    Hi. I'm Jeff , aka...Missy's Pet Dude, and the co-owner of The Pet Divas. Like Missy I'm an animal lover too. I've had pets in my life as far back as I can remember. I think I was three when my dad brought home a brown and white puppy for me and my sister. We named him Sam. Since then I don't recall a time when I didn't have a dog or a cat. When Missy told me she wanted to leave her corporate America job and start a pet sitting company I knew right then how successful she would be. I've never met anyone as passionate as my wife about animals! We hope you love our company. We love you!
  8. Macy
    Meet our newest pet sitter, Macy! Macy was born and raised in Sachse, Texas. She doesn't remember a time in her life when she didn’t have a dog. She also had horses since she was 6 and still does! Macy was in FFA in high school and still has and cares for some live stock at her family home. She loves all animals and has raised everything from rabbits, chickens to lambs and horses! Animals are this lovely girls passion. She grew up in a large family with 4 siblings. Macy can't wait to cuddle with your babies when you're away!