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5 Ways To Entertain Your Pup While You’re Away From Home For The Day

Author: Abi Pennavaria, Co-Author of Saved By The Bark blog

We cannot be with our dogs all the time. No matter how much we want to. And while being away from our pups is hard on us it can be even harder on them. The problem with extended periods of time away is our pets cannot entertain themselves. And an unentertained pup is an unhappy pup. So we’re sharing 5 ways to help keep your fur baby engaged until you are able to be back on belly rubbing duty.

1. Give Them Something to Watch One of the simplest ways to entertain your pet while you aren’t home is to give them something to watch. This can be as simple as leaving the television on when you leave. Just be sure to turn the sleep timer off of your tv so it doesn’t automatically shut off a few hours after you leave.

If your dog is not one for watching tv and prefers to be distracted by the outside world this same concept can be applied to leaving the blinds open. Leave a few of the windows open to the views of outside. *Just the blinds and curtains drawn, not fully open for obvious reasons.* This will allow your pup to people and animal watch all day.

2, Say Hello

        Most of the time our pets just want to see us. So why not video chat with your four-legged better half? It’s almost 2020 and honestly what good is technology if not utilized to talk to our pets when we aren’t home?

        There are several smart devices on the market that can allow you to not only see your pet but for them to see you. Allowing you to pop in and say hello to your pup and see that they are being good. Many times that little midday hello can make all the difference in your pet making it the rest of the day without you.

3. Treat Them

        You cannot go wrong with treats. Dogs love them, so much so they may not even notice you aren’t around for a little while. You can treat your dog with a fancy automatic treat dispenser. Or you can go more old school and purchase a large bone for them to gnaw on while you are away.

        Many pet owners swear by the tube shaped toys that you can slather some peanut butter in. It takes the dogs hours to lick out all the peanut butter and when they are finished they are wiped out and ready for a nap.

4. Call in Reinforcements

        For the best form of entertainment when you're not around, call in reinforcements! Hiring a dog walker or pet sitter to come take your pup for a walk and play time will give your pet the physical activity and human interaction they crave when bored. Be sure to hire a professional with the necessary experience, liability insurance and references like Elle McCall. Finding someone to love and care for your pets as you do is easy with an Elle McCall sitter who has experience and genuine passion for keeping your pup entertained.

These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to keep your pet entertained. Your imagination is the limit. The important thing to remember is that while the goal is to keep your pet entertained the priority should always be safety. Don’t do anything that could possibly be dangerous for your pet such as leaving them outside all day or with bones or toys that could potentially harm them if left unattended.

Above all remember to give your pup extra love when you do get home because even the best of entertainment cannot substitute the love of their owners.

Abi Pennavaria is a dog mom, avid veterinary volunteer, and co-author of Saved By The Bark blog. She enjoys sharing tips and tricks for dog owners of all breeds. Read her blog here.


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