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10 Dog Breeds With The Fewest Health Problems

At Elle McCall, our top priority is pet health. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some conditions and diseases our animals have are simply hereditary. When buying a purebred, finding a responsible breeder that tests their dogs for the presence of genetic health problems can certainly eliminate a lot of the guesswork. But if you’d like to rescue–which is a great thing to do!–there is no way to know who the pup’s parents or siblings are.

Luckily, there are a good number of breeds that are less prone to devastating genetic conditions. And while it’s certainly not a guarantee that your dog will live to a healthy, ripe old age (which is always the goal!), purebred lovers might have the best luck with the following generally-healthy breeds.

#10 – English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are believed to be rarely affected by hereditary diseases, although when they do have problems they tend to be eye related.

#9 – Shiba Inu

These foxy little pups have remained predisposed to a healthy life. They may be small, but they’re certainly tough.

#8 – Poodle

Poodles of all sizes share the same knack for staying healthy. Despite their overwhelming popularity, a well-bred Poodle is typically very hardy.

#7– Greyhound

Major health problems in the Greyhound are rare, making these gentle creatures even more beautiful than they first appear!

#6 – Border Collie

Another incredible working dog, the Border Collie has also evaded many of the most common problems in popular breeds today.

#5 – Bichon Frise

Bichons may be prone to allergies, but they rank as one of the healthiest small breeds around. Their expected lifespan can be 15-18 years old!

#7 - Belgian Malinois

This breed is often mistaken for its counterpart, the German Shepherd, but they are different! The Belgian Malinois, arguably the most versatile working dog in the world, has an impeccable health record. These dogs lack the usual ailments found in most other working breeds.

#8 - Beagle

No breed is immune to health problems, but Beagles stay fairly lucky in regards to the most common issues.

#9 - The Australian Cattle Dog

The ACD holds the world record for the longest living dog, with a pup named Bluey. With their few health problems, it’s no wonder that Bluey lived to be 29-years-old!

#10 - Mutt

The Mutt is defined as any dog that's a combination of different breeds, rather than one identifiable breed. With all these mixes creates a usually very combo of genetics that allow for a very healthy dog with few issues seen in purebreds. If you want a dog with a long lifespan and few problems throughout its life, a Mutt is a very safe bet!

Looking to add a new member to your family? Visit your local animal shelter. Only 1 out of every 10 dogs born in the US will find a permanent home. The main reasons animals are in shelters: owners give them up, or animal control finds them left behind on the street. 25% of dogs that enter local shelters are purebred, whether given up by an owner or found as a stray.

Give the gift of love and a forever home: ADOPT. DON'T SHOP.

Elle McCall LLC is dedicated serving dog moms and their pets. We are here to promote a lifestyle that includes our pets. We are committed to the care and welfare of pets. A portion of all proceeds are donated to saving homeless pets. WWW.ELLEMCCALL.COM

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Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Feb 07, 2023

This breed is known for its strong genetic health and minimal health issues.

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