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Top 10 Places in Dallas to take your Dog in DFW

Author: Lauren McCall,CEO of Elle McCall LLC

At Elle McCall, we believe Dog Moms deserve a high end lifestyle that includes their pets. But researching the places that you are allowed to take them - not just sneak them in - can be daunting. With experiences with our own fur babies, we have come up with list of the Retail Stores that your well behaved fur baby is allowed in.

**Disclaimer: Always double check with the store beforehand. This is not an official list and this was written by the owner of a purse dog. While we would LOVE to see big fur babies in the stores, unfortunately many locations are not as inclusive to the larger breeds.**

1. Nordstrom AND Nordstrom Rack

Yes, ladies. You heard me. The Seattle based department store chain allows dogs in ALL LOCATIONS! Whether you have Yorkie in a purse or Great Dane on a leash, they are all welcome. Also, this is official, Nordstrom is a proud supporter of a pet friendly lifestyle.

2. Barnes and Noble

Dogs AND Books? These are truly a Girl's Best Friend. You and your pup will look so scholarly walking the aisle of the self help section. And yes, this one is also official. Barnes and Noble won't say anything to you about bringing in your furry bestie.

3. Home Goods (TJ Maxx)

This is by far one of our most favorite places to take our fur babies. You can push her in the cart and shop for decor you don't need. We often meet lots of other dog loving ladies in the store, so be ready to make friends!

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is not only a hipster store, they welcome all hipster pups! Shop in style and bring your pup. Everyone will love them!

5. Altar'd State

This is a super dog loving company. Based in Tennessee, they even have pups in their corporate office. We have brought a large Golden Retriever in here and she was met with lots of love. We highly recommend taking any fur baby here!

6. The Container Store

We can hardly "contain" ourselves. We can get out Marie Kondo on with our fur baby?! YES!

7. Pottery Barn & West Elm

Yep! Shop for the finest home furnishings with your pet! We love these stores and the fact that they allow pets just makes us love them even more.

8. Anthropologie

We are so thrilled to have this one on the list. Anthropolgie, how about Canineologie?

9. LUSH Cosmetics

This cruelty free brand is totally cool with you shopping with your bestie for your spa day bath bombs. Get ready to spend hours in here. You'll get lots of attention.

10. Sephora

Get a makeover with your fur baby by your side. She will probably get lots of attention by all the dog loving employees!

For more information on Dog Friendly places, feel free to message us! We are A Girl's Best Friend! At Elle McCall, we offer services that promote a Pet Friendly Lifestyle.



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