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Top 10 Restaurant Patios to take your Dog in Dallas/Fort Worth

At Elle McCall, we are ALL ABOUT Dog Moms and promoting a dog friendly lifestyle! So we put together a list of the top 10 "Pawsome" restaurant patios to take your fur baby.

1. Mutts Canine Cantina It's an obligation that we put this on the list. Why? Cuz it's a dog park/bar. They have locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. They have a full range dog park plus paw washing stations. Until more mainstream restaurants join the "pawty" we are here for this.

2. Lazy Dog This place is pretty cool as they have a cool name, cool logo, a dog friendly patio, AND dog food on the menu! BUT, our one beef with this place is they won't let you have your dog in your lap at the table.

3. Taco Diner Taco Diner managers and staff are super cool about having your chihuahua here for Taco Tuesdays on the patio.

4. Truck Yard

Get outside with your pup in this Lower Greenville beer garden. With live music, a bar made out of an Airstream trailer, and a constant flow food trucks, this destination just off Greenville Ave. is trendy and fun!

5. Five Guys

This super amazing burger joint is not shy of their canine visitors on the patio! Enjoy your cajun style fries with Girl's Best Friend by your side.

6. Katy Trail Ice House This is kind of Doggy Heaven for us.... you get to bring your dog AND visit SO MANY DOGS!!! All dogs of all breeds and sizes show up to this place, you'd think you were in a doggy comedy film where the talking dogs of Uptown get together to gossip.

7. Torchy's Tacos This Austin favorite has an awesome dog friendly patio for your pooch! Be sure to order them a Trailer Park, Trashy!

8. In-N-Out Burger Here's the key: For an In-N-Out date with just you and your fur babe, go through the drive through first and then park and sit on the patio!

9. Wheelhouse

Relax in a shaded patio in the Design District at its beautiful massive covered patio.

10. Boomer Jack's We love this bar as they have a lot of outdoor space for humans and pets. Snuggle up with your cuddle bug by a warm lit fire and enjoy the atmosphere. This place is a must do with your dog!

For more information on Dog Friendly places in your community, feel free to message us! As a brand for A Girl's Best Friend, we offer services that promote a Pet Friendly Lifestyle.


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